CWC offers workshops, panels and seminars on topics such as:

  • Homosexuality and the Bible
  • Putting faith into action
  • Gender and gender identity
  • Building welcoming and affirming congregations
  • So we are “Open and Affirming,” Now what?

In addition, we offer congregational resources and consultation, guest preachers and speakers for worship services, retreats and events.

Transgender Education

You Have Always Been Welcome Here

The Drama Queens, CWC’s acting troupe, have performed the reader’s theatre piece, You Have Always Been Welcome Here in cities across Washington and Oregon. Written by Jeannie LaFrance of Act for Action: Theatre for All, the play conveys the stories of four transgender people as they discover who they are and what their relationship to faith and God might be.

The reaction from audiences has been overwhelming. People express feelings of sorrow, of joy, of grief, of celebration. Story telling is powerful. And this play shares the journey for four brave people whose courage inspires and educates.

We encourage you to schedule the Drama Queens to perform during worship, evening potluck or community event. To schedule a performance, contact the CWC office.

Suicide Prevention Resources