12 laws of karma that will change your life

laws of karma

12 laws of karma that will change your life

Karma is a philosophy of life, a way of conceiving our presence in the world that considers that people are part of the cosmos and, therefore, all the energy that we emit to our environment we will receive sooner or later. Karma is based on the ancient belief that “you reap what you sow,” but, in addition to this, it also stipulates twelve laws that will help you focus your life in a way more in line with our purest essence. In this article, we will discover the 12 laws of karma to understand a little more the philosophical theory of this idea from Eastern cultures.

What is karma?

Before explaining the 12 laws of karma we will start by talking about this concept. It is a Sanskrit word that comes from different Eastern philosophies (Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Ayyavazhi) and contains a theory about the way we have to be in the world to achieve happiness now and in our lives to come.

Karma is considered a cosmic law of cause/effect by which every action we commit in our life carries, achieves, an irremediable consequence. So, if we do negative actions, we will negatively affect our current life and affect our future lives (reincarnations), causing us to become beings like insects, plants, etc.

In this way, this law promulgates that destiny is in our hands and that we cannot complain if things go wrong for us because this course has been due to some negative action that we have done previously. If you want to collect a good seed, you must first harvest a good seed. This is, in short, the theory of karma.

The 12 Laws of Karma

Karma does not believe that there is chance or chance in our life. We do not have good or bad luck but that everything we live is the result of our actions in this life or our previous lives. There are 12 laws of karma that dictate the way we respond to our actions, feelings, and thoughts, and then we will reveal them to you:

Law 1: The Great Law

It is the law of cause/effect, that is, that conception that each one “reaps what he sows. ” Within the concept of karma, it is considered that all the acts that we sow do not remain in our time or space but are launched into the universe and, therefore, it will return it to us sooner or later. This vision of the world believes that the energy that we send will return but multiplied by 10.

Law 2: Law of creation

This law refers to the fact that human beings are part of life, nature, the cosmos. Life is not independent of us. We actively participate in it and the order of the world. For this reason, what surrounds us (which is not by chance) also offers us interesting information about ourselves and about the way we are internally so, as much as we do not want to see it when we are bad, we will surely surround ourselves with negative things or sad people. It is still a projection of our inner energy.

Thus, this karmic law indicates that you must always be yourself and that you must surround yourself with everything you want to have in your life because things are not there by chance. If you want to improve your happiness, it is completely in your hands to do so.

Law 3: Law of humility

We are not gods, nor are we back and a half of everything. We also make mistakes and have defects, among them that we are not humble and often refuse to see reality as it is. This law indicates that, no matter how much you refuse to accept it, reality continues to prevail, so we have to be humble and, if we do not like something, accept our mistakes, our failures and try to create positive energy to change it.

It also indicates that if we surround ourselves with negative people or with qualities that we do not quite like, we are not yet at the higher level and that we have to continue working so that life continues to give us what we sow.

Law 4: Law of growth

This law of Karma indicates that the only reliable thing in this life that we live is that we will always be by our side. That is, we will be our travel companions for as long as we are alive. And what this means is that if we want to improve our life, we ​​just have to do it ourselves. We should not expect that anything or anyone will give us happiness or personal growth: it is only in our hands.

We have control of our life and, as we are part of the cosmos, what we cultivate inside will be reflected on the outside. So if we cultivate spiritual peace, love for all humans, and calm, we will be able to reflect these feelings in our environment and, thus, to be able to modify, however little it may be, the world.

Law 5: Law of responsibility

We have to take responsibility for our actions, our mistakes, and our failures. When something bad happens around us, it is because, inside you, there is negative energy and you are projecting it to the outside, causing this type of “incident” that has nothing to do with the chance to happen to you. Being aware of this is important to modify our behavior and enjoy a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

Law 6: Law of connection

We must not forget that we are connected to the universe, to the cosmos, so any act we do (or think), no matter how insignificant it may seem, has repercussions. In addition, there is no time in the universe, so the past, present, and future can intermingle and cause an effect on us. So, this law of karma indicates that we do not forget this connection that we have and that we act by promulgating good in our day-to-day life so that our bad actions do not affect us.

Law 7: Law of focus

We have to move forward and grow personally slowly, progressively, with patience and calm. We do not want to learn everything all of a sudden. Let’s go little by little, calmly learn spiritual values and, when we are busy with personal growth, we will understand that by being focused on this new teaching. There will be no room for negative thoughts like anger, greed, envy, and so on in our minds.

Law 8: Law of giving and hospitality

It is a conception that defends that we have to be hospitable, give to others without expecting anything in return, give love, affection, respect and, thus, you will be working for a much more humanized, natural society and in line with the laws of nature.

Law 9: Law of the here and now

This law has a lot to do with the ” Carpe diem, “that is, we have to live in the present, focus on it, to work for a prosperous and much better future. It will be useless to be aware of the past or obsessed with the mistakes we have made. We have to move forward, assuming our mistakes and working to fix them. Those old emotions are what anchor us to our past and prevent us from renewing ourselves, so let’s overcome them and start living in the present.

Law 10: Law of change

The unpleasant stories and situations that we live in can be repeated until you learn the lesson they are trying to teach us. We have to be aware that this type of action occurs to teach us a lesson, so it will be repeated until we learn it. As soon as you detect it, you will surely begin to put the mechanism of change to improve yourself.

Law 11: Law of patience and reward

You have to be patient, push yourself, and work hard to have the reward you expect. The greatest gratification is the one that comes after having worked hard for it, so we have to be patient and, in the end, our effort will be rewarded by this karmic law.

Law 12: Law of Importance and Inspiration

You must dedicate all your energy and effort to change and personal growth because if you do it in a mediocre way, you will receive a very slight impact and hardly notice any change. You have to put all your heart and drive into each act to have the effect you are looking for.

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