Photography Tips, 5 super useful tips to start applying

Photography Tips to start applying

Photography Tips, 5 super useful tips to start applying

Nowadays, photography is an indispensable tool to communicate. Just look at your cell phone and, without having to open Instagram. You will notice that you have a wallpaper that already gives clues to your personality. Photos are everywhere! And, for that reason, now we are going to give you 5 photography tips so that yours are enviable.

Maybe you are interested in pursuing a career in photographic art and the like. Or you are the type of traveler who is crazy about photos and you want to take the best ones to share them on your social networks. So, don’t miss these tips for taking pictures that you can put into practice right now. Get to know them!

5 photography tips to apply right now

Best photography tips

Photography means, etymologically, writing with light. We do not want to get too theoretical, but knowing the origin helps to find the artistic and social value of the images that we record with our camera.

With these tips, you will discover that taking photos is much more than just focus and shooting. All ready? Here they go!

Start With What You Have

It is said that a camera does not make the photographer. And there is a lot of truth in that. If you are just starting out, you should know that the basic rules of photography can be applied with your cell phone camera or a simpler one. Being a visual arts discipline, the rules and concepts are similar to those of painting and drawing.

So don’t underestimate the tools you have. Remember that you put the “soul” of your photos, regardless of whether you do it with your cell phone or with the most expensive camera. Once this level is unlocked, you can go looking for better equipment. The most advisable thing is to save to travel and practice these photography tips with your mobile in unknown lands.

Does the law of thirds ring a bell?

Although you may know it in another way, practically all cell phones have the option to activate a grid in their configuration. This becomes a guide that divides the image into three equal parts vertically and horizontally or nine in total. This function helps you to frame your photo in a balanced way.

One of the ways to achieve this is to position the most outstanding elements of the image. That you are going to capture in the corners of the rectangle that forms in the center of the screen. It is very applicable if, for example, you see the sunrise on the beach and you want to give a good proportion to the sun and the beautiful horizon that you are capturing.

Composition is a basic aspect of art and could not be missing from these photography tips. If you look closely, this same rule is applied in painting and film to achieve an adequate weight between the elements of the image.

Better Avoid The Flash

If photography is writing with light, this refers primarily to natural light. It is much better to seize the day for many reasons. Try taking a photo with flash and then the same without it. You will notice that the colors maintain their tonality and the light remains uniform throughout the image and not just in the center.

In addition, you avoid the formation of hard shadows that do not go with what you want to express. The flash, including the LED on cell phones, is recommended in very low light situations or when you have difficulty using a tripod.

For example, when you are backlit, in the shadows of a sunny day, in night photos, or in fast movements. Such as those of an extreme athlete in full swing that requires a fast capture with a clear image.

Get Used To Using A Tripod

As we told you a few lines ago, a tripod is your best ally if you want to take spectacular photos. Especially when there is little natural light. If you are going to Canada, the United States, or Ireland to see the Northern Lights, having a tripod is vital. Why? Because the less light, the longer the camera takes to capture the photo.

You see, capturing an image takes fractions of a second. But if, for example, you want to photograph the full moon in an Australian landscape at night. This can take more than a second and in that small interval of time your hand can shake and your shot will be ruined.

That is why it is better to have stable support where to place the camera to shoot. And get an enviable photo. But, in addition to night shots, there are also other uses that you can give the tripod. And we will tell you about it in the fifth place of these photography tips.

Selfie Stick Vs. Timer

Selfie sticks, or selfie sticks, are widely used resources when your arm is not enough to cover everything you want to photograph. But if you want something more pro, you just have to resort to a very underrated feature in these times of social networks: the camera timer.

With the help of a tripod and your camera’s timer, you can include yourself in the portrait if there’s no one to give the camera to (or if you don’t trust anyone else to take the photo). It is enough to program the waiting time before the shot. You can apply this to a wide variety of photos: low-light landscapes, family photos, artistic self-portraits, etc.


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