The most beautiful Law Schools in the world

beautiful Law Schools in the world

The most beautiful Law Schools in the world

Have you ever wanted to be catapulted into the American colleges you see in TV series? Or to shoot in the classrooms where the justices of the Supreme Court of the United States or the greatest heads of state have studied?

Some very ancient, others ultra-modern, some have churned out dozens of Nobel prizes.

We are talking about the most famous and prestigious Faculties of Law. And it’s not just about the best universities, we want you to virtually travel around the most beautiful universities in the world.

The third best law school in the US. It is perhaps the most beautiful, or, at least, the one that has the most beautiful study areas. It area created to promote debate and the exchange of views among law students. The large windows and some devices, installed in 2011 to reduce the environmental impact, make this university the most innovative in the world from an eco-green point of view.

The University of Sidney, Faculty of Law

A glass building. No, not the one in Via Porta di Massa. We are talking about Australian excellence. The impressive stainless steel and glass construction was built in 2009. Its curved ceilings, the large glass atrium, and natural light, which penetrates through the structure, seem to make studying law more inspiring.

Harvard Law School

Here we play easy. It’s a bit like saying that the best pizza is Made in Naples. Harvard Law School is rated the best in the world every year but often has to contend with Yale University for primacy. Harvard has produced presidents like Barack Obama and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. But also Andrew Cheung, President of the Hong Kong Supreme Court. It boasts one of the most important legal libraries ever. According to some, it is the largest of the university ones. It is the collegiate setting of Blondes’ Revenge, in which a young – and very blonde – Reese Witherspoon cultivates the dream of becoming a successful lawyer. This is located in the Boston metropolitan area, sharing land with another major university giant, MIT.

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

Many world-renowned artistic personalities have put their hands there. Including the revolutionary Diego Rivera, one of the initiators of muralist painting. And O’Gorman with his mosaics. Founded in 1551, UNAM became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007.

Cambridge Law University

In Cambridge, he studied the inventor of the camera, the maker of the first atomic bomb. And as many as 23 Heads of State, where Erasmus of Rotterdam and Stephen Hawking taught. And the primordial version of the computer was also born here. But let’s get to the Faculty of Law. It is not the best in the world, it ranks “only” in third place, and as always, every year, second in the UK, to the much-hated Oxford. Rebuilt in the 90s, it is beautiful, in all 9000 square meters of surface, surrounded by meadows and ponds, with its library overlooking the gardens.

The University of Law of Bologna

It is the oldest university in the western world. It was the school of Dante, Petrarch, and Guinizzelli. The first professorship granted to a woman, moreover, a law graduate is also from Bologna: it was the 1940s, yes, but in the 1200s. life of a jurist.

If you pass through Bologna, do not give up on anything in the world to visit the Archiginnasio Library, it is wonderful.

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