Top 5: Best Books on the Law of Attraction

Books on Law of Attraction

Top 5: Best Books on the Law of Attraction

At the end of 2017, I was given the book Positive Mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill. Thanks to that book I realized that I had allowed myself to be influenced by the people. And spaces around me and now I had a pessimistic attitude. Having this kind of negative attitude did not allow me to see all the good things in my life. Nor did it allow me to attract more positive energy to my day today. After reading this book, I decided to actively change my attitude and focus on finding everything I could be thankful for and enjoy in my daily life. From that moment on I couldn’t do anything but continue to investigate more about the Law of Attraction and begin to enjoy the benefits it has brought to my life.

For this reason, today I share with you the 5 best books on the Law of Attraction according to the score ranking.

Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting

Best books on Law of Attraction

Dr. Wayne Dyer was a psychologist and speaker known for promoting positive thinking as a means of self-improvement. One of his best-known self-help books is this one. Here he tells us about how the power of imagination is a gift that God gave to humans to be architects of their own reality. He relates how it is possible to imagine the life you want and thereby decree its manifestation.

Super attraction: How to make life come true that you never dreamed of

A practical book to learn about emotional energy, channel your dreams and learn different techniques to change how you feel in different spaces and situations to attract the lifestyle you want. It is a very short book where the author takes the reader by the hand through these exercises so that in the end you get new habits and are more aware of your emotions.

The four Agreements

One of the most popular books on this list. Through the 4 agreements of the Toltec shaman, the power of words is explained and how they penetrate the consciousness of being and manifest themselves in reality. Promotes personal development through the congruence between your actions and your words and how a positive change is generated in everyday life situations.

The power of positive thinking

On this occasion, Norman Vincent highlights the importance of positive thinking. As a tool for personal transformation and how everyone, regardless of their context, has this tool and can use it to their advantage. Through this book, different thoughts and attitudes are explained. Although we do not always associate them with a negative attitude. In fact, they are and can be improved to face difficult situations. Or complicated conversations with a better posture before them.

The Power of Now: A Path to Spiritual Realization

Tolle talks to us about how we are creators of our own reality; Both for well and for worse. He proposes that the human being decides whether to take a positive or depressive attitude. Towards certain life situations and how thinking about the past and the future. Instead of focusing on the present leads us to a depressive attitude. He explains how the present is a divine gift and is the only temporary space we have to be creators and transform this and other times.

Positive mental attitude

Synopsis: The powers of the mind are infinite. Have you ever really understood them and glimpsed what they can mean in your life? Start now on your path to success in business and in your family and social life. Read what others have achieved and remember that you can do it too!

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