What is the importance of law in society?

The importance of law in society

What is the importance of law in society?

Have you ever wondered how the world would work without rules and regulations? The importance of law in society lies in the fact that. Without it, everything you know would be in chaos. No one would be interested in protecting the rights of individuals. And justice would not be applied, therefore, crimes would not be punished. In this article you will find out why studying Law is a good option to contribute to society!

The main difference between animals and human beings is that humans are interested in maintaining the order of behavior in society, this includes establishing what is allowed to do and what is not. It has taken civilizations decades of effort to find a way to have everything under control, but trial and error are how all individuals are currently governed by a legal system that depends on the country or state where they reside.

Where are the laws applicable?

Reason of the importance of law

It is important to know that since an individual is born they already have human rights. These are granted simply by the fact of existing and contemplate both freedoms and obligations. The legal system by which Mexico is governed has been in charge of covering most of the situations in which it is necessary to regulate human activities.

They are found in labor relations, family relations, marriage, political affairs, animal protection, protection of material goods, regulation of public and private works, regulation of financial entities, international trade, protection of children, justice for crimes, traffic regulation, etc.

What is the importance of law in society?

The law arises as a guarantee of equality, living under a legal system you can be sure that at some point justice will be done, but this is only the main reason for applying the laws in society, it is known that thanks to the law, It can:

  • Avoid acts of discrimination
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Promote equity
  • Provide security to individuals and organizations
  • Protect the values ​​and integrity of each individual
  • Create forms of behaviors
  • Control the power of the state
  • Decrease criminal acts

The laws and regulations that govern a community are not absolute and as you have been able to read in this article, the objective of applying the law is that they adapt to the needs of the individuals and organizations that make up society, so if these changes, its legal system must also change.

Are you interested in studying Law to contribute to society?

UNILA has the best opportunity for you! Get to know the perfect study plan so that you obtain the necessary tools to solve legal-social problems with responsibility and ethics in society.

Upon graduation, you will be prepared to:

  • Litigate the different matters of Law
  • Provide advice to law firms, companies, and financial institutions
  • Arrange and negotiate discrepancies in the corporate sphere

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