Why do we need law in our life and society?

law in our life and society

Why do we need law in our life and society?

It is common to hear that the ways are more effective than those of the law. Although some cases could support such an immediate thesis, a human group led down that path is condemned to insecurity, violence, misery, and desolation, to that “miserable, unhappy and sad” condition in which it was plunged according to Hobbes the human species before the establishment of the law. In the fields sown with insecurity and unrest, progress, peace, well-being, and happiness cannot germinate. Why do we need a law? The rule of law, the “rule of law,” is still a requisite for economic progress. It is also for equality. It is a dam against the oppression of the weak by the strong.

Why do we need a law?

Law is the highest creation of humanity on its way from barbarism to harmonious coexistence, freedom, and peace. It is together with love, the most sublime concretion of human rationality and reasonableness. Only the law makes the exercise of freedom and civilized life possible. Without limits to the behaviors accepted by all, freedom would perish drowned by brute force and coexistence mired in chaos and the insecurity of unpredictable violence.

The law makes possible

The overcoming of the empire of the stick, brute force, the oppression of the strong over the weak, and the domination of anarchized human whims. When humanity was able to conceive and formulate general and impersonal rules valid for all regardless of culture and individual thoughts, to which compliance is promised and due, it overcame its innate conflicts without resorting to oppression and violence.

The conflict is inherent like man, to be fragile

Subject to a permanent struggle between his instincts and his rationality, a victim in addition to contingencies and circumstances that induce him to misuse his freedom, “capable of exalting himself as well as deteriorating” as Rousseau noted. Both the laws and their application are imperfect, subject to corruption and fragility of legislators, jurists, the authority that applies them, and even manipulating the powerful. But still, a society governed by laws is preferable to one governed by violence, oppression, looting, and murder.

It is necessary to comply with and defend dialogue

Civilized controversy, and the rule of law even in its imperfection, since establishing de facto ways to resolve conflicts can only lead to drift and barbarism. Law and love are the salts that prevent the corruption of society. For this reason, it is necessary to promote fair legislation, preserve the correct exercise of justice, and cultivate solidarity and respect for human dignity.

The importance is that the laws in life and society and protocol serve to behave with correctness and decorum on each occasion that accredits it. In this way, you can perform well and not do or act with stridencies or dress or say. Good manners make life and relationships with others more bearable. Of course, these rules are not used at all social levels or in all countries. They are the same.

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